Claudia Arana / Curator  

 CANADA / Nov 2018

The artwork in this exhibition showcases the unique narrative and personal style that  Alex Usquiano has developed over the last 10 years. Within his multiple works and techniques, we will find many references to the history of art such as Surrealism, Neo-Futurism and Fantastic Novel immersed in the creation of incredible and poetic worlds. 

 He establishes an interesting perspective in which he invites the spectator to look at his artworks every time in different ways; sometimes with a tender optimism and sometimes with a straightforward criticism about the world that we are living now.




His style is better understood when seen as a collection of images, between photographs and paintings, digital manipulations and sketches, between poetry and reality. They are a reflection of an interior need; not a stylistic formula. He admires and reflects on the female figure with seduction and irony. 

 His aesthetic and technique have changed with time but the curiosity and liberty to question everything have remained intact over the years of his artistic exploration.




In this exhibition, the spectator will find intriguing juxtapositions between artworks. The flow between the space and the works allow the audience to establish an interesting dialog between his ability to work from different platforms, materials, and techniques in the creation of fantastic images without the need of labels. The Observation Machine is the liberty of exploring any medium, concept or form in order to speak what he has on his mind. 

Alex has also been involved in an impressive communitary art exercise with Sick Muse, a foundation who fosters and builds a connection among artists and the community in order to promote Social Justice and Community Development. Footage and photographs of that incredible work are also presented as part of this exhibition.

Toronto Ontario, CANADA / Nov 2018
Photo Credits: Ricky Yu



A Oscar Vigil le quedo sonando el “Erhu”

Special Thanks to:

Paola Gomez / Program Director MUSE ARTS
Cecilia Garcia / Program & Volunteer Coordinator NORTH YORK ARTS
Claudia Arana / Curator