I’ m Here

Serie fotográfica de RETRATOS NO RETRATOS
workshop de dibujo y pintura para niños
Toronto Ontario Canada / Tijuana Mexico

        DECEMBER / 2018

Alex Usquiano / Artistic Director and Co-Founder of MUSEARTS

I have been a community engaged artist for over twenty years [VIDEO]When I started my community arts practice, I was concerned about how school systems erase kids’ creativity as they “develop” into the pre-established curriculum. I decided to focus my practice in working with kids and youth, putting special emphasis in pampering creativity and giving space to ludic ways of learning. 

In Canada, my community arts practice has become very important. [►VIDEO] In times of social disconnect , where the anti-immigrant and anti-refugee discourse is taking such a space, allowing racist and xenophobic  behaviour to be displayed at its full with not repercussions for those acting in such a disgraceful manner, the Arts need to take space, need to pull its revolutionary stand and be there; to challenge societies about how they/we see them/ourselves and one’s role in making the world a better place. But also , Art needs to be there , for those whose rights to seek protection and whose existences are being questioned. 

We, the artists, the creator, the doers, the dreamers; we need to be at the front row, making sure those arriving , those seeking protection know and feel that they are welcome, that they too deserve safety and peace. 

MUSE ARTS came out of that visualization and understanding.  As the Artistic Director of this project, I am proud of the work we have developed , I am also aware of the responsibility we hold in continuing delivering programs of great social impact.